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Prochain congrès international d'esthétique

Le XVIIe Congrès International d'esthétique se tiendra en Turquie, à la Middle East Technical University d'Ankara,
du 9 au 13 juillet 2007. Le thème en sera « L'esthétique comme lien entre les cultures ».

La SCE subventionnera une partie du voyage de Victor Yelverton Haines
pour représenter notre organisation lors de cet événement.

Pour en savoir plus sur ce congrès, veuillez contacter
Jale N. Erzen à l'adresse suivante : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Congrès international d'esthétique 2005

Adrienne Dengerink Chaplin nous a représentés lors du XVIIe Congrès International
d'Esthétique à Rio de Janeiro, au Brésil, du 18 au 23 juillet 2004.
Nos autres membres Cécile Cloutier, Suzanne Foisy, Thomas Heyd,
Maurice Lagueux et Josette Trépanier y ont participé également.

Le thème n était les Changements en esthétique.
Pour plus de renseignements concernant la Société Internationale d'Esthétique,
consultez le

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The IAA currently consists of approximately 600 individual and 26 collective members, i.e. national societies for aesthetics . The main aim of the IAA is to give institutional recognition to aesthetics as a field of humanistic knowledge, to encourage and promote inquiry into aesthetics, and to disseminate its findings. The IAA does this by publishing the IAA Newsletter (received free of charge by its members), an IAA Yearbook (in 2000 volume no. 4 appeared) and organizing international congresses: the last four being those in Madrid (1992), Lahti (1995) and Ljubljana (1998), (Tokyo 2001) and Rio de Janeiro (2004).

All scholars interested in philosophical or other kinds of aesthetics and in related areas such as art history, comparative literature, musicology, visual arts, cultural studies. etc., are invited to become members of our Association, thus joining a community of aestheticians which has institutionally existed for almost a century


"Aesthetics Bridging Cultures"

9-13 July 2007
METU Cultural and Convention Center, Ankara, TURKEY

Organized by SANART, Association of Aesthethics and Visual Culture
in collaboration with International Association of Aesthetics.

The theme of the XVIIth International Congress of Aesthetics will be ‘Aesthetics Bridging Cultures'. The Congress is organised by the Sanart Association of Aesthetics and Visual Culture, in cooperation and with the support of the Middle East Technical University and the Faculty of Architecture, under the auspices of the International Association of Aesthetics.

The third millenium is proceeding with threatening declarations, both in deed and in discourse as to the possibility to reconcile differences. The partiality of prevailing political and cultural attitudes jeopardize dialoque amongst cultures and convictions. Yet, culture as human nature means diversity as well as synthesis. As aestheticians we can ask whether it is possible to keep diversities alive as well as to render them communicable, and to create new forms of synergie, through art and aesthetics.

The XVIIth International Congress of Aesthetics, taking place in Turkey, will approach art and culture in terms of historic ruptures, continuities, tensions and hybridities. With worldwide participation, it is expected that alternative disciplinary attitudes within aesthetics and philosophy with focuses on art, architecture, urbanism, landscape, music, literature, film, etc., can contribute to the discussion of ‘Bridging Cultures'. The exchange of ideas and experiences of an aesthetic nature can also encourage relationships between different cultures.

Session titles will be made definitive after paper proposals. Yet, the following items can be a guide for choosing thematic or conceptual approaches.

Idealism and Pragmatism, Local and Global, Orientalism and Occidentalism, Pluralism and Egalitarianism, Sacred and Profane, Historicism, New Taxonomies of Art, Culture Industry, Aesthetics of Technology Aesthetics and the Everyday, High/Low, Real and Virtual, Philosophical Approaches Interculturalism and the Arts, Territory and Cultures, Art in Transhistorical Perspectives, Violence/Aesthetics, Aesthetics and Ethics

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